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Hun Espacio Arte - Santos Hu
El artista - Santos Hu




Born in southern [[Island of Taiwan" Taiwan] in 1955. His birth name is 胡文賢, which phonetically translates as Wen Shyan Hun. So that people, in his time as a student in Spain, could easily memorize his name, he began to use the nickname Santos Hu, which to this day used as a artistic [pseudonym]]. In 2007 he was granted Spanish nationality (maintaining Taiwan's  Spain  Taiwan, and since then has officially changed his name into Santos Hun Wang.

He was drawn to the art of painting from an early age. In 1975 he began studying it at Taiwan's Higher School of Fine Arts, and later devoted himself to his [teaching].

In 1983 he migrated to Spain and entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of the [Complutense University of Madrid] to study Western painting and thus complete its training.

Based in Spain since the 1990s, he has made numerous exhibitions of his extensive work in Spain and Taiwan, mainly, as well as in other countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


He develops a colorful, exuberant yet delicate work, in which volumes and proportion denote the mastery of drawing and perspective.

Main Features

. hyperrealistic line at the service of oriental reverie, "Dream Realism"

. the air of colors

. the vital light that it prints on your canvases

. nature as the source of his works

. sketch balance

. the appearance of space.

In his characters, most of them women with hidden faces, skillfully mixing real and dream worlds, the author, always imbued with the social situation of each moment, conveys his anguish to us, as if trying to understand what the observer needs and thus serve as a record of the circumstances of each era.

As critic AM Campoy wrote on ABC newspaper, “Santos Hu is a super colorist, an extraordinary cartoonist. He has imagination and knows how to use it plastically”.

His work has three distinct stages: Stage "1st Stage (1984–1988)': During his time as a student in the faculty, he moved from [artistic realism Realism]] to Hyperrealism (Photo 1) Stage 2nd Stage (1989–1999)': Influenced by style Surrealist of René Magritte (Belgium, 1898) and Salvador Dalí, played with ambiguous images and their meaning. He often paints still lifes and uses gigantic fruits, and is sometimes called "the giant fruit painter" (photo 2) Stage (2000–current):Dream Realism, expresses dream scenes, combines the female figure and everyday objects creating an attractive visual ensemble within a dreamlike atmosphere.



1978. BB.AA. Taiwan High School.

1988. Degree in Fine Arts, Faculty of BB.AA., Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Permanent collection in museums

Individual exhibitions

Since 1987 he has been participating in exhibitions both collectively and individually in different art rooms:

Collective exhibitions and contests

  • Cercedilla 88 (10 students selected from the last painting course of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid).

  • X anniversary of the Durán Award, Madrid.

  • Santander Fair 1994, 1995.

  • Taipei Fair 1994, 1995, 1997.

  • Valencia Fair 1996, 1997.

  • Barcelona Fair 1997, 2000.

  • Almoneda Fair 1998, Madrid.

  • Seville Fair 1998.

  • Gent Fair, Belgium, 2000.

  • Art Fair 2001, 2002, Madrid.


  • Salon of the Thirteen, Sala Altadis 2004, Madrid.

Magazine covers

  • Eurocarne Magazine, Year XV, number 138.

  • Eurocarne Magazine. Year XVII, number 154.



First prize of the III Drawing competition "Villanueva del Pardillo", Madrid, 1987.

  • Second prize of IV Guadarrama Paint Contest. 1988.

  • Second prize of the II National Painting Competition Professional Colleges of Fine Arts «Primavera 89», Madrid, 1989.

  • Special mention of the I Painting Biennial of the "King's Avila Foundation", Avila. 1989.

  • Diploma of Honor of the XI Autumn Painting Hall (Box of Extremadura), Plasencia. 1989.

  • Accésit del XVII National Painting Competition (Madrid Box). 1990.

  • First prize of the VII Painting competition "Vila de Cedeira", La Coruña. 1990.

  • Second medal of the 57th Autumn Salon of Madrid. 1990.

  • First prize of the V Ron Bacardí Painting Award. Malaga. 1990.

  • First prize of the VIII Durán Painting Prize, Madrid. 1991.

  • Finalist of the XXI Autumn Salon of San Fernando, Cadiz. 1991.

  • Chamber of Commerce Award for Quick Painting by Avila 2001, Avila. 2000.

  • Second prize of I World Ham Congress Painting Competition, Teruel. 2005.



Member of the Jury of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th editions of the Fast Painting Edition of Escalona (Toledo) Escalona (Toledo).

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